About us


Housee of Cleeo

Being jewelry enthusiasts, we love the beauty, creativity and shine jewellery brings to any outfit! 

We are a team of four - each from different backgrounds together bringing our strengths to form this brilliant enterprise. Our collection is created with love, care and attention to detail and each piece of the jewellery is picked with precision. Our collection is a mix of silver and silver/alloy metal pieces with semi precious stones.

Our Indian collection - Ameerah, has beautiful and delicate Meenakari work available in a variety of colours adding freshness and uniqueness to each piece.

Our western collection - Elizabeth, has stunning and attractive designs with beautiful semi-precious stones placed in each piece exquisitely.

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More about the Housee of Cleeo Team


Deeksha Rai Chawla CEO, Housee of Cleeo.

Having spent 5 years in the IT industry already, Deeksha has always been inclined towards involving creativity in her work. She is a Process Specialist and loves to design and plan to extract nothing, but the best! She has self-learned the art of jewellery-designing and making and her collaboration with the talented artisans has given her the invaluable experience in this industry.


Himanshu Rai CFO, Housee of Cleeo

Being a loyal and faithful employee of an airline for 35+Years, Himanshu has spent most part of his work life managing people from all aspects of life. He has earned the love and respect of many throughout his career and has been an inspiration to his kids. Being a people person, administration is his strength.


Renu Rai Creative Director

A home-maker and mother of two, Renu was always interested in the science behind stars, numbers, gems and colours. Once she found more time, she landed herself in a professional course of Numerology and Astrology. She is now a Professional Numerologist and her knowledge about Gemstones is the driving factor of our jewellery.


Kierti Chawla Creative Director

Working in the apparel industry for 11 years, Kierti, Founder member of Focus-Sourcing India is up-to date with current trends. His experience and knowledge of the industry helps him find the right theme, colour and pattern for any of the products he is dealing with.