The Charisma of Chandbali’s

Chandbali's have always been an object of fascination throughout history. And why wouldn't they? Chandbali's belongs to the rich tradition of India. From the early iterations of Rajasthan's royal Rajput dynasties to the Hyderabad's Nizams, their presence can be traced back to the early medieval rulers. Alamkara is a jewelry gallery located inside the Delhi National Museum, which houses the treasures filled to the brim with jeweled artifacts, from the early Harappan civilization to the recent ones. Among many historical pieces, many of Chandbali's from both the early Rajput dynasties to Hyderabad's Nizam can be found here. And they certainly are eye-catching.

The Mughals, rulers and the aristocrats, can be easily given most of the credits when it comes to the modern iteration of chandbalis, comprising two crescent moons molded within each other, heavily studded with diamonds, rubies, and pearls or a similar iteration in the earrings, are heavily influenced by the Mughals. The Rajputs had the usage of chandbalis as a jhumar or as a brooch in the early Harappan society. One can easily find the crescent designed earrings in many of the Mughal painting, and it is the intermingling among the various dynasties and the cosmopolitan nature of India that the half-moon shaped jewelry remains highly popular even today.

It wouldn’t be surprising that in spite of the emergence of new and fashionable designs and jewelry-crafting techniques, Chandbalis popularity hasn't dimmed a bit, in retrospect, it has probably grown in the recent years. No one can escape the charm of chandbalis. From Madhuri Dixit in Kalank to any wedding you've been lately, you can find all the ladies sporting some variation of chandbalis. 

Now when it comes to Chandbali Earrings, Hyderabad is the place you want to be. Hyderabadi Chandbali Earring, with its premium quality pearls (both studded and hanging), is considered quite attractive. With their ethnic and royal touch, they can easily make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

The jewelry by Housee of Cleeo is sourced from all the craft centers of India, hence making it a one-stop-shop for buying jewelry online. We take inspiration from the Indian History to create and curate beautiful pieces into one and present an extraordinary collection to our customer base.

Different styles and designs of chandbalis

Here are some of the famous iterations of chandbalis in the market right now-

Chandbali with Jhumka

Two-step Chandbali

Uncut Chandbali

Silk Thread Chandbali

Pearl Chandbali

Kundan Chandbali

Kundan Chandbali with Meenakari work

Chandbali Gold Earrings

Jadau Chandbali Earrings

Silver Chandbali Earrings

Oxidized Chandbali

German Silver Chandbali

Diamond Chandbali

Polki Chandbali

Afghani Chandbali

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