The Art and Power of Accessorising: A quick guide

Accessories are quite a powerful tool when it comes to fashion, everyone knows this. Any woman of fashion and style can certify that accessories can easily add the much-needed glam to their otherwise meh outfit. A simple masterstroke of a headscarf or Chandbali earrings can work wonders and would make you stand out no matter the setting.

So here are a few tips that would help you accessorise your outfit and look your awesome best,

  1. The High-Low Rule

This is one of the most basic and easy tips for anyone to follow. If you are someone who is not very good at accessorising or you just don't have any time at your hand, you can also go with the high-low rule. The High here is a necklace(of a part of two) that rests higher on your chest and the other hangs considerably lower. This combination is mind-blowing and frankly quite easy to do when you are pressed for time. And the best part is that it goes well with everything, from your tees to occasion dresses, it works with everything.

But keep one thing in mind, they (the necklaces) should be kept fairly dainty so it doesn't overpower you or your outfit.

  1. Accessorise Everyday

Yes, it could be a chore but it is actually the best tip that one should follow and every day. No outfit is ever complete without the perfect accessory paired with it, it's just a work-in-progress. And how would you know which accessory is the perfect match for your outfit? -- By trying them at least once.

Regardless of your daily routine, what you should do is to try at the very least one accessory with your everyday outfit -- Even if you just wearing some plain white tee. Accessories are not something that is reserved for any special day. They are part of your special brand, your identity, your personality, and your style. How would you find what the perfect look without actually trying them on, and also feel comfortable with it?

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  1. Minimalism is your secret sauce

Minimalism is the trend of the day. From housing to even jewelry, everyone is going gaga over minimalism. And why shouldn't they? Minimalist jewelry is versatile, easy to hand and a fool-proof for anyone to accessorise on a daily basis. A simple deck of a couple of pieces can make you stand out like a rockstar in the crowd.

The versatility of minimalist jewelry only adds to its charm. They can go with anything on any occasion. A piece of small jewelry or a little bag can amp up your style quotient exponentially.

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  1. Accessories to compliment your outfit, not compete with it

Accessories are a simple way to be stylish by complementing your outfit and your personality as a whole. So it is imperative that your accessory enhances the beauty while adding to the elegance of your outfit, not compete with it. Now suppose your outfit is already filled with heavy texture and details, you shouldn't go for heavy jewelry or any accessory that would drive the attention away from your mind-blowing outfit. You would want your accessory to add to your outfit, no competing for the attention.

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  1. Don’t go gaga over accessorising

Yes, it is quite easy to go gaga over accessorising, and before you know it you are covered head to toe with a different accessory. It is intoxicating. 

When it comes to accessorising, less is more. Coco Chanel, a master of accessorising, has advised the following when it comes to accessorising, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." Amen to that!

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