Jewellery Styling and You!

Ever faced the Blank Mind Syndrome while getting dressed for an important interview or meeting or a brunch with your besties? All of us women do reach a state of Tabula Rasa at some point, when dressing up our jewellery everyday becomes boring and monotonous. Here is a quick guide to help you get past these times with utmost ease <3

Layer it up: Get the most out of your thin chains and pendants, rings and bracelets kept at home. Just use your imagination, mix and match and layer them up. Personally, I also convert some of my favorite necklaces into a bracelet by wrapping it around multiple times. This definitely breaks the monotony of repeating the same jewellery over and over again.

Invest in some crystal cut semi precious stones jewellery for everyday wear. The American Diamond or Solitaire studs can be occasionally replaced by a Citrine, Amethyst or Garnet Stone Studs. These add a dash of colour in your jewellery which changes the overall look of your daily wear. A simple pair of studs, combined with a small pendant, a watch and bracelet - and VOILA, you are ready to take on the world.

When visiting a club or a family dinner or even a date with that special someone, you could use a Single Bold Statement Piece to complete your look. Be it a Neckpiece, or a big pair of earrings, you can transform your day look completely moving into the night one with the right makeup. Jewellery with Semi Precious stones has a wholesome effect on your look making it bright and regal. Black, White and Grey Outfits work perfectly with any semi precious stone jewellery. For a Multicolored outfit, go for jewellery that has stone colors matching at least one colour in the outfit.

If it’s the other way around, and you have a specific jewellery piece in mind, that becomes your focal point. Work around that jewellery piece you have in mind. For example, if you have a multicoloured crystal cut stones neckpiece in mind like the one below, wear muted solid colours with it so it can shine out and make a statement. You could wear it with a pair of jeans/trousers with a solid colour shirt, or simply slip into your favourite LBB, the choice is yours.

And what about our favorite Indian looks? Like clothing, styling the right jewellery for the perfect look has a lot to do with what occasion you are dressing for. If you plan to wear a gorgeous light cotton Bengali saree to Work, you would want to pair it up with a pair of studs and pendant or a tiny pair of danglings, but nothing too dramatic. If we talk about dressing up for an occasion, your best friend’s mehendi or your brother’s wedding - an easy, affective and magnetic trick is to pick up a gorgeous pair of chand balis and club it with a watch and a pair of kangans for the perfect look. Another headturner look, is to wear a beautiful Kundan or Diamond Choker and club it with a pair of American Diamond or Solitaire Studs. A Beautiful Maang Tikka is apt for both these looks. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, pair the Maang Tikka with your Indian Festive Look. These gorgeous pieces brighten up the face many times fold. <3

Care for your Jewellery : Last but not the least, in order to keep your jewellery always shining, make sure you clean it with a soft cloth (used to clean sunglasses) after every use, avoid wearing jewellery while washing your hands or taking a bath, take off your jewellery at night before sleeping, or before applying perfume or any other beauty products and use a butter paper or muslin cloth to store all the pieces separately before placing them into a pouch or a box. Additionally, in these Covid Times, do not use Alcohol based sanitizers to sanitize your jewellery. Just use some mild dish wash soap, warm water and a soft bristle brush to sanitize the jewellery. Stay Beautiful, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!!!

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