Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

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Written By Deeksha Rai Chawla, CEO, Housee of Cleeo 

for Cosmopolitan Feb’21


Whenever we think of jewellery classics, we think of perennial, easy to put on - Pieces that give the RIGHT statement and are still as personal and important to a Woman as it is to look and feel Unique and Identifiable. Below are some basic pieces that every jewellery lover must invest in - pieces that you will cherish and  preserve forever!

1. A pair of Diamond/American Diamonds/Birthstone Studs : When it comes to Earrings, there comes a time in your life where you like to stick to the basics. Call it transition or maturing into a fine woman, Ladies need their fine jewellery - Simple, Basic and Presentable. An awesome alternative to our good old diamond studs are Birthstone or Gemstone studs. Amethyst, citrine, garnet, blue sapphire - whichever one goes with your style, breaks the mundane and keeps you stylish.

2. A timeless watch - A woman’s best friend, adding a dash of elegance to her eternal beauty. Pick one up that goes with your personality - be it a big dial or a small dial, a metal or a leather strap with the colour of the dial of your choice. Unless you are a collector, one great watch that compliments both, a formal and a casual look, would be more than enough! Invest in a good one and you won’t regret it!

3. A Pearl Necklace - a String of Pearls is sufficient to elevate a simple look into a classy one. Pearls in themselves add grace to your overall look, making it an absolute necessity in a woman’s jewellery box!

4. A Coin or Semi Precious Stone pendant - Wearing Jewellery is another way of defining who you are. With Pendants, having a customised Coin Pendant or a Birthstone/Gemstone Pendant enhance your personality traits along with adding a touch of bling to your look.

5. A Long Metal Chain - either plain or with Pearls or semi Precious stones placed with reasonable gap between them. These provide the perfect balance to your casual/formal outfit, refining your look and style.

6. Diamond Ring or one with your favourite Gemstone - Just like with diamond studs, a diamond ring - be it a solitaire or a band adds elegance to any look - Indian or Westerm, Formal or Informal. Same is the case with rings with your birth gemstones. The dash of colour of Semi Precious Stones add a charming distinction to your overall look.

7. A Personalised Necklace. - An important accessory in a women’s jewellery box is a personalised necklace, adding that charismatic personality of yours to the jewellery you wear and making it an extension of who you are.

8. A personalised charm bracelet - Be it chunky or delicate, another personality specific accessory is the charm bracelet. Charms come in many shapes and sizes. Add those, that represent who you are as well as your favourites!

9. Chand Balis - Attending an Indian Wedding? No better route to take than the eternally graceful Chand Balis. Choose your favourite style and pair it up with a gorgeous maang tikka!

All your choices are an expression of your personality. Similarly your choices in jewellery are an extension of YOU! Like we say at Housee of Cleeo - Wherever you go, Let your jewellery talk!!

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